Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Eggs Sale (Venda de Ovinhos de Páscoa)

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The idea of colouring eggs shells for Easter came from some of the MBCA – Mônica Bonotto Cultural Association – members. Our goal was to work in a project linking Irish and Brazilian children. Every time we do an activity with children in Ireland and we talk about life in Brazil, we take the opportunity to work multiculturalism and explore many subjects around it. We realized colouring egg shells could also be an interesting way to fundraise for MBCA in order to support our Polish friend, Marta, who is running the Flora mini-marathon for MBCA. We have supported a runner in the mini-marathon in the last two years and the money raised has always been used to buy children books for schools, crèches and orphanages in Lagoa Vermelha, RS, Brazil – places where MBCA promotes its educational activities.
Children got very involved colouring the real eggs shells. Some of them were coloured by Melissa's friend’s children during the Easter break and some of them by pre-scholars at Giraffe Childcare IFSC, where the Latvian Montessori teacher Liana was also happy to support the project. During the process children had so much fun! They liked the idea of colouring real eggs shells and also the opportunity to be very creative and find out things that they could paint on the egg shells: birds, bunnies, funny faces, add glitter, etc.

We would like to thank our Greek friend Katarina who first though about selling the coloured egg shells and offered her own stall at the Dublin Food co-op market in Dublin for us to sell them. We also want to say a BIG THANK YOU to the Food Co-op market which opened its doors for us and made our fundraising action possible.

Melissa and Corina, an Irish friend of MBCA, managed to sell all the eggs shells in a couple of hours. People were interested in seeing that they could put some treats inside the egg shells, which they bought as an alternative way to give Easter gifts while supporting a cause. Talking with food co-op regular visitors and other sellers, we came up with an interesting idea: perhaps next year we can hold a workshop for children in the co-op before Easter and add another kind of tradition to that. For example, colouring goose eggs or using the eggs to make decoration as the Germans do.
We raised 80 Euros during this fundraising action. This money will be added to the Flora mini marathon sponsorship and we will be buying children books in the next few months with the total amount of money raised. We will keep you post about the next steps. Once again, thank you very much for your support!

--Esse post é um agradecimento aos amigos irlandeses que participaram da ação de Páscoa para colorir casquinhas de ovos e vendê-las. Com essa ação, a ACMB arrecadou 80 Euros que serão adicionados a outras doações arrecadadas com a Flora mini-maratona e usados para comprar livros para as crianças de Lagoa Vermelha. Obrigada a todos que apoiaram essa ação! --

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